This article too came out a bit longer than intended. It happens that way when you try to present an argument, make some points, and offer some representative documentation to support them.

This time the inspiration came from the rumored (self-evident) agenda for the next meeting of the Nevada Republican State Central Committee, which at the very least is party unity for the election in November. So the abstract of this article is very simple:

1. #NeverTrump = #ImWithHer
2. Now is the time for all good men to….

and it does tell you all you need to know, but I do hope you read the rest anyway.

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Primaries, Caucuses,… Then What?

The long 2016 primary season proved one thing. It was so long that there was way too much time to convert a field of unusually well qualified candidates into a bunch of pitiful and pitiable losers. Nothing substantial changed between August 2015 and July 2016 to do that, except the endless negative crap, till the sickening realization sets in that once again we only have mere mortals running for President, that once again as always, in politics perception is everything; reason, facts and logic count for nothing.

So now we have a candidate, and after all the venom, it’s time to unite behind him. Yea. Who are you kidding?

“Vote Your Conscience”

We’ve had the revolting spectacle of the establishment actually trying to void the results of the primaries and caucuses — in the name of giving people their say in choosing the nominee…!

They tried to do this two ways.

1. First they tried to select delegates at the county and state conventions who are pledged NOT to the popular-vote winner of the primary or caucus, but to some other candidate palatable to the establishment. They called that “knowing how the system works.”

2. When that did not work (at least not tried stealthily enough to avoid the uproar) then they openly tried to change the rules of the national convention to let the delegates “vote their conscience;” again, to vote for some candidate other than the winner of the popular vote.

Sorry, Trump: The Delegates Actually Do Have the Authority to Dump You

NeverTrump delegates have support needed to force rules vote – POLITICO

If this is what the rules should be in order to be “fair to the people,” then just let the establishment select the delegates and end the pretense that the people have a say in anything. Please consider these inconvenient observations:

  • Unbinding delegates means an end to primaries and caucuses. Why bother to hold a popular vote, if it won’t count anyway?
  • Unbinding delegates also means an end to county and state conventions. Why bother to select delegates by a vote of the members, if it won’t count anyway?
  • Unbinding delegates also means violating all sorts of state laws on this matter. If the ruling elites want to formalize their aristocracy, at the very least they should have to do it by a legal process in all 50 state legislatures.
  • No, political parties are not private clubs. If that’s all they were, there would not be state laws regulating their structures, functions and activities.

Well, the delegates to the 2016 NRC showed some sense, and

#NeverTrump Goes Down in Flames in Final Attempt to Stop The Donald
After a tireless campaign to unbind Republican delegates to ‘vote their conscience’ at next week’s convention, the anti-Trumpers were trampled at a marathon rules committee session.

“I’m a Republican but I’ll vote for Hillary”

So now that we have a nominee who did win “fair and square” at least according to the popular votes and the current rules, are they giving up and joining the campaign to …. to do what, defeat the nominee of the “other” party? What planet are YOU on?

This, from an anti-Common Core champion:

I Will Vote for Hillary Clinton Because I Cannot Possibly Vote for Donald Trump. | deutsch29

A Follow-up about My Position on Presidential Election 2016 | deutsch29

Do read these articles, if for no other reason than to see the intellectual disintegration of former great champion for repealing Common Core. Using the methodology of analysis she applied in these two articles — rationalization that cherry-picks “facts” and examines only one side — she could have just as easily come out FOR Common Core, as its proponents have done. With these two articles the only thing that “deutsch29” proved is that sex trumps everything. You do have to wonder, in what part of one’s anatomy do Hillary fans think the brain resides?

Former Reagan Staffer To Trump: You’re No Reagan (and he’s voting for HILLARY)

Reagan Speechwriter: 2016 GOP ‘Alarming;’ Vote for Hillary

Libertarian Gary Johnson: Romney ‘Considering’ Endorsing Me

My wife tells me she saw in another news item that Bush 43 and other members of the Bush family are also thinking of endorsing the Libertarian candidate. Now THAT is RICH. You can accuse Bush 43 of many things but being a LIBERTARIAN? Puhleeze. If he were either a Libertarian or a constitutionalist, he’d never had given us the NSA and the DHS, or even “compassionate conservatism” (his name for usurping the Democrat agenda in the hopes of taking away any reason to vote for a Democrat ever again).

In the meantime the #NeverTrump drumbeat goes on, two weeks after the national convention that should have settled the issue.

Top Republicans Backing Hillary Clinton

GOP Women Organizing for Hillary: ‘We’re Not OK With Trump’

You Won’t Believe Whose Granddaughter Is Voting For Clinton | The Daily Caller
Yupp. It’s Senator John McCain. And it’s personal, not ideological.

Useful Idiots: ‘Conservative’ Pundits Gaga Over Democrat Parlor Tricks – Breitbart
progressives took delight in the Never Trump conservatives on Twitter who heaped praise on Clinton

Conservative Legal Experts Say SCOTUS Pick Isn’t Good Enough Incentive To Vote For Trump
If THAT is not good enough, then what the hell is? Do you really want more Ginsbergs, Kagans, Breyers and Sotomayors? Do you really expect Hillary to pack the Court with the likes of Thomas, Scalia and Alito?

“Main Stream” and “Conservative” Media

Energized white supremacists cheer Trump convention message

AP FACT CHECK: Trump resurfaces debunked claims in speech

The 9 most outrageous statements from Trump’s victory lap – POLITICO

Trump Has Crashed the Party

But even traditional (former) conservatives have literally gone berserk with their hatred of Trump:

Glenn Beck, Erick Erickson Plot to Subvert the Will of the People to Elect Romney – Breitbart
run a “conservative” candidate in two to three deep red states “where Hillary Clinton has no chance of winning,” so that Trump can’t get to the 270 electoral vote threshold needed to win

Mark Levin: Putin, Russia Aren’t a Joke

The new political divide | The Economist
Republicans who are serious about resisting the anti-globalists should hold their noses and support Mrs Clinton. 

You just know we’ve descended to the level of the idiotically absurd when something like this is a story:

Donald Trump Started A National Debate When He Chose KFC Over Popeyes
Not only that, but, horror of horrors, he ate it with a knife and fork…

And I can’t even begin to list the endless articles of former bastions of conservative thought, such as The Weekly Standard, which for a year now have sacrificed the last spec of intellectual integrity and became nothing but a depository of rabid hatred of Trump, never ever bothering to provide a single factual explanation or a single bit of evidence or proof of their insane allegations about and libelous personal insults of Trump. That venom infects even their otherwise great book reviews, as they manage to pepper every article with irrelevant cheap shots at Trump. How sad.

Inconvenient Truths, The Only Relevant Truths

The irrefutable fact remains that:

1. As in 2008 and 2012, the alternative in 2016 is an Alinsky disciple and fervent radical; the same person whose first act as the unelected two-for-one “co-president” in 1993 was ordering the 900 FBI files (on whom, we still don’t know), tried to impose universal socialized medicine, and this time in 2016 runs on (or away from; it varies from day to day) her dubious list of foreign and domestic “accomplishments,” but nevertheless promises to double down and fulfill the rest of 0bama’s islamofascist agenda of fundamental transformation in 0bama’s third term.

2. As in 2008 and 2012, the choice in 2016 is between the racist sexist islamist radical socialist agenda presented in the “Democrat” platform, and the conservative constitutionalist positions presented in the Republican platform. As in 2008 and 2012, the choice in 2016 is the stark contrast between two vision of America — past, present and future — presented by the speakers in the “Democrat” and Republican conventions.

3. And, UNLIKE in 2008 and 2012, the choice in 2016 is between an elitist, racist, sexist, globalist, consummately self-serving and gushingly anointed establishment insider whose idea of a Supreme Court Justice is more anti-constitutionalist radicals, and a fed-up outsider who listens to the fed-up voters and looks to the likes of Alito, Scalia and Thomas as his models for the Court.

Is THAT even a viable choice? Tragically, it is because of the fragile sensibilities of the #NeverTrumpers (conveniently illustrated by “deutsch29” above). But the truth is,

#NeverTrump = #ImWithHer

WAKE UP! There is no other choice. It’s Time for Conservatives to Consolidate for Trump. You do the math:

A vote for anybody but Trump is a vote for Hillary. 

A vote for any third party is a vote for Hillary. 

A stay-at-home no-vote is a vote for Hillary. How did THAT work out in 2008 and 2012?

Why? Because we have an Electoral College where each State’s votes are allocated as winner-take-all. ANY vote that is NOT going to Trump will boost the only other candidate who’s likely to get a large number of votes, and that’s Hillary, not some pitiful third-party loser.

In a laughably stupid bit of rationalization, Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard tried to debunk this argument (Remember Freedom?), totally ignoring the simple basic math of it. How sad. Even Glenn Beck understands it and is driven by it (see above).

Sure, it’s a bromide, but Every Election Is The Most Important Election In Your Life, especially in this age where the alternatives from the two major parties are so extremely different. A house divided cannot stand. In 2016 you have only one choice:

(1) to vote FOR Trump and the rest of the down-ticket Republican candidates, or
(2) to vote for letting our enemies — foreign AND domestic — bury the 240 year old American experiment as the final act of an 0bama third term.

So What’s A Republican To Do?

As in every election in our own lifetimes, the “main stream media” are rabidly partisan for the Democrat candidate. They will distort, misrepresent, lie, sling mud, make up stories, or totally ignore our candidates as if they did not exist.

We have to be loyal Republicans and keep our focus. “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.” (Anybody remember that line from your typing class?)

1. If our candidates fail to adequately refute and deflect the attacks, then we have to use any means at our disposal to help them do so.

2. If our candidates are not gifted enough to articulate the issues, we have to do so for them.

We may not have a voice in the main stream media, but we have to speak up in every other forum that we do have access to — friends and neighbors, the local paper, e-mail, social media, the internet, your county and State Republican party. Something like this:

Giuliani: Trump Should Attack Hillary, I’ll ‘Attack Everybody Else’

The one thing you can NOT do is (1) be quiet, (2) count on somebody else to do the job, or (3) just sit out this election in a huff. Whom do you think you have a better chance to talk to convincingly on the issues, a fellow Republican even if establishment or populist, or a socialist pretending to be a Democrat? If we wake up on November 9 and Hillary is the president-elect, it will be YOUR fault.

Please take THIS to your county and state central committee meetings.

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