Yea, yea, I know. Trump was his usual irresponsible bombastic self, and us oh-so-refined sophisticates just don’t know how to appreciate NY sarcasm any more than we understand “NY values.” Except…. as always, there is more to the story.

Here are just the facts, as reported by people who are in a position to know.

So,… It turns out that Hillary’s major problem areas in this campaign are linked together in this one story. It was American foreign policy to overthrow Assad, Syria’s dictator. The anti-Assad rebels received American support, and, confirming rumors at the time of the attack on the American consulate in Benghazi, we were indeed running guns from Libya to the rebels, and the attack in Benghazi was in retaliation for that gun-running. For some reason the administration chose to divert attention from this gun-running scheme by blaming the attack on a stupid video, actively and repeatedly lied about it to the grieving parents of the victims of that attack. There was indeed a demonstration against that video, but it was in Cairo, not Benghazi, and that one was a protest march, not a coordinated military assault. It just happened to provide 0bama and Hillary with a convenient cover for the disaster in Benghazi, in which the administration refused to send help to embattled Americans. The scandal over Hillary’s e-mails comes into this story with the revelation that that the administration continued to support the Syrian rebels even after it was clear they are part of ISIS.

What makes this fundamentally horrible story plausible and credible is the consistency of the 0bama administration’s conduct of American foreign policy. In the 2008 campaign he said he needs to campaign in all 57 states. Well, we know there are only 50 states in the US, plus some territories that vote in primaries — but he did NOT misspeak; there are indeed 57 states — 57 muslim states in the UN… 0bama started his days in office with an apology tour, bowing to muslim potentates. He ignored and abandoned (in effect, betrayed) the “Arab Spring” across North Africa — and especially in Iran when it was clear it was an anti-ayatollah, anti-dictatorship, pro-democracy and pro-freedom movement opposed to Iran’s support of terrorism across the world. 0bama and Hillary undermined and deposed Col. Khadafy, the Libyan dictator who just some years earlier voluntarily gave up his nuclear arms program and generally took a pro-western, anti-jihadist stance, and they turned that country over to a dubious assortment of rebels with dubious affiliations. They targeted another pro-western Arab country, Egypt, and for a while successfully installed a government run by the Muslim Brotherhood, the parent organization of all extreme fundamentalist jihadist groups. It took the Egyptian army to restore some semblance of the previous order. They abandoned the previously hard-fought and successful war effort in Iraq and Afghanistan, letting both countries return to chaos. In the case of Iraq, they were actually giving up territory to ISIS. In the case of Afghanistan, the formerly defeated Taliban are coming back to control ever larger parts of that country.

0bama and Hillary could not have been better allies of ISIS if they had said so openly and explained to the American people and the world why that is such a great idea.

But there’s more. The chaos in Libya and Syria became an excuse to flood Europe, and now America, with “refugees” and “migrants” not just from those countries but from all muslim countries. 0bama now is flooding our states, cities and towns with huge numbers of these “migrants” — and Hillary promises to increase that flood more than 5 times — even in the face of the promise by ISIS, and indeed the actual fact, of using this mass invasion to send huge numbers of trained jihadists into the western world, with the express goal of destroying it.

And, back to Iran, they not only “negotiated” a give-away treaty on nukes but also released to them $150B in impounded funds without any quid-pro-quo, plus another $1.7B ($400M in cash) as ransom for hostages. Oh, well, technically these misdeeds were committed by John Kerry, but is there really a difference?

Barack 0bama and Hillary Clinton could not have been worse enemies of the West if they had said so openly and explained to the American people and the world why THAT is such a great idea.

We should not be surprised by any of this. 0bama is the son of devoted communist anti-colonialist west-hating muslim father, and he was raised by members and friends of his mother’s family, all with communist sympathies and ties. For decades he attended the church of Reverend Wright (“God DAMN America”). He and Hillary were disciples of Saul Alinsky, another devoted communist and author of Rules for Radicals, and they both were students of the Cloward–Piven strategy for destroying a country by overloading its institutions.

That is the truth. And I can’t wait for Trump to say it just like this.

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