For part 1 please see 165. The Dump on Trump.

This article is inspired by an accidentally appropriate quote in a formerly conservative magazine that turned into a more and more irrelevant, trumpophobic pro-Hillary rag over the past 12-15 months, The Weekly Standard, in the article Bail Out on the Ballot which actually advocates NOT voting at all.

We know this quote from the anti-war protests in the Viet Nam era, when it was fashionable to cite only the first line, but never the rest of it.

What if they gave a war and no one came?
Then the war will come to you.
He who stays home when the fight begins
And lets others fight for his cause should take care.
He who does not take part in the battle will share in the defeat.
Even avoiding battle does not avoid battle
Since not to fight for your cause
Really means fighting on behalf of your enemy’s cause.

In this election season, in this Dump On Trump era, the trouble is that even people we’d expect to be fighting for OUR cause, even it if means fighting along side with The Donald to elect him rather than Hillary, they are too busy being #NeverTrump and therefore #ImWithHer. That is, as the last line of that quote says, they are fighting for our enemy’s cause (see also 186. Republican Party Unity (part 2)).

So today we have a situation where we can ask, What If Trump Gave a Major Speech, And Nobody Reported It?

It actually happened three times now, once on economics (Transcript of Donald Trump’s economic policy speech to Detroit Economic Club), once on foreign policy (Transcript of Donald Trump Foreign Policy Speech), and again on law-and-order (Transcript of Donald Trump Law & Order Speech). Looking in the apps of the main stream media, as I can’t stand suffering through their broadcasts, I find that at best there is a tangential reference to some point in Trump’s speech that they want to quibble with, to make light of, or to use as further proof of their talking points that Trump is mentally, emotionally, etc., too deficient to be President. Even in the more “fair-and-balanced” internet sites such as Drudge or Fox, or the decidedly pro-Trump sites such as Breitbart, there is no URL to the full speech, let alone a transcript.

If I shut my eyes, I don’t see them and therefore they do not exist.

Put another way, none are so stupid as those who WILL not learn. This theorem has a corollary: I am stupid but I vote. God help us if these people manage to elect Hillary.