So now the bruhaha is over Trump’s hot mike dirty talk over a decade ago. SEE IT: Donald Trump caught on hot mic spewing sexist chatter – NY Daily News

Surely we won’t pretend that this kind of talk was unheard of when we, today’s geezers, were young(er). In my first job out of college in Silicon Valley, my boss asked me for advice on telescopes, so he could look into people’s bedrooms across the Bay. Another one couldn’t stop talking about “beavers.” Another one explained to me that part of my job was to line up “escorts” for visiting salesmen. When I would not, I got fired. My sister-in-law laughed about her experience in the office where the dress code was micro-skirts and no panties. Back in college, the normal Monday morning greeting was, How was your weekend; Jamaica? (For the benefit of you innocents, that’s east coast slurred pronunciation of “did you make out?”) Back at work, the guys were teasing the “girls” with proposing we go get some “Wendy’s hot and juicy” for lunch. The prime qualification for an administrating assistant position in marketing was the willingness to “put out,” as we used to call it. Oh, and let’s not forget the “casting couch,” and today’s “hook-up culture.” No, they are not talking about going to Disneyland.
What despicable hypocrisy!
If only they’d voice the same outrage over stuff that really matters, such as, heaven forbid, SUBSTANCE over STYLE??? 
But no… If you believe the Democrats and their lapdogs the RINOs,
trash talk and locker room talk are far far worse than
  • destroying stable Arab governments — Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan
  • betraying the democratic opposition in Iran
  • refusing to send help to save Americans under attack in Benghazi
  • blaming a video for their fate
  • lying to the parents of the victims and to the American people
  • giving Iran a free path to nukes, and freeing up $150B frozen by sanctions
  • delivering to Iran $1.7B in unmarked bills and illegal wire transfers
  • provoking war with the Russians over Syria
  • turning Syria and Iraq over to ISIS
  • turning Afghanistan over to the Taliban
  • destroying private health insurance with 0bamacare
  • destroying education with Common Core
  • leaving 94M working age people out of the workforce
  • stagnating the economy with taxes and regulations, and promising more
  • leaving the borders open to uncontrolled, unlimited illegal immigration, and promising more
  • importing unvetted hostile aliens and terrorists, and promising more
  • attacking the police in the name of BLM, and promising more
  • selling out American workers in the name of globalism, and promising more
  • wrecking the economy with NAFTA, TPP, etc., and promising more
  • savaging the Constitution with PC speech codes, and promising more
  • savaging the Constitution attacks on gun rights, and promising more
  • savaging the Constitution with executive orders, and promising more
  • loading up the Supreme Court with enemies of the Constitution, and promising more
And certainly Trump’s trash talk and locker room talk are far worse than
And let’s not forget all the scandals, which only go to prove that Hillary of course is better qualified to be president because she knows how to wield power:
  • Whitewater
  • Cattle futures
  • Lincoln bedroom for rent
  • FBI files in her home, with her fingerprints
  • Stuffing the White House travel office with cronies
  • Billy Dale
  • Vince Foster
  • Rose law firm billing records hidden in the WH residence
  • Landing in Bosnia “under sniper fire”
  • Removing china and other valuables from the WH
  • Private speeches to Wall Street for $300K each
  • 30K wiped out e-mails
  • Sending and receiving classified e-mails on insecure private server(s)
  • Lying to the FBI
  • “I can’t recall” dozens of times
  • $6B missing from the State Department
  • Foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation
  • “Pay For Play” — pay the Foundation for access to State Dept.
  • Only 5% of donations go to charity
  • All of Clinton charitable donations go only to the Foundation
  • Dirty tricks against Bernie Sanders
  • “Iraq as a business opportunity”
  • The Benghazi lie, blaming the video
  • Refusing to send help
  • “what difference at this point does it make”
  • Roger Clinton
  • Mark Rich pardon
  • “the vast right wing conspiracy”
  • “we’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business”
  • “we are going to raise taxes on the middle class”
  • “don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create any jobs”
And even this is just a partial list.
But who cares about issues and facts? Trump is just a …. well, you can fill in the rest.