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111. What’s A Republican?

We may not know what a Republican is anymore, but we do know what a RINO is. And what’s the difference between a RINO and a Democrat/socialist/fascist? Not much:
  • A RINO believes in using government power for private gain; usually putting the government in the service of private interests, such as businesses, developers, etc. Screw the people, we know better.
  • A Democrat/socialist/fascist believes in government outright owning means of production (Tennessee Valley Authority, etc.), or public-private partnerships (Fannie Mae, etc.) or just regulating the hell out of them to a point where there is no difference between owning the business and running the business by unelected bureaucrats (Medicare, 0bamacare, etc.). Screw the people, we know better.
THIS is the fight in 2016. THIS is the fight we lose if we elect Hillary.
At what point do we decide to vote on SUBSTANCE, not on STYLE?
THIS is the issue on 2016. THIS is the fight we lose if we elect Hillary and re-elect #NeverTrumpers.
What is it that does matter, WORDS or DEEDS? Are we being damaged by someone talking like some people TALK, privately, crude as they may be at times, but are nevertheless deeply and obviously devoted to their wives and families, or have we already been damaged by the DEEDS, and will we be more and more lethally if not quite fatally damaged by the DEEDS, that a candidate such as Hillary and her #NeverTrump cohorts are promising?
What does matter more to women who vote, crude comments made between coworkers, or the well-documented savage personal attacks by a “stand-by-your-man” politician with national ambitions on the very women who’ve been humiliated, physically abused and raped by her husband? Again, WORDS or DEEDS?
This time next year, what will matter to you more; that you did not elect someone with the manners of a typical New Yorker, or that the woman you elected floods the country with terrorists, while she continues to rip up Article 1, the First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, etc. etc. etc., appoints people to the Supreme Court to make sure the Constitution remains null and void forever, and in every way continues 0bama’s agenda of fundamental transformation as specified by her mentors Alinsky and Cloward & Piven?
words or deeds? Words or Deeds? WORDS OR DEEDS? WORDS OR DEEDS?