FICTION, 1965-1971: Hogan’s Heroes – Wikipedia

John Banner played the bungling sergeant-of-the-guard in the POW camp, Hans Schultz.

When Schultz is confronted by blatant evidence of the prisoners’ clandestine activities, he will simply look the other way, repeating “I hear nothing, I see nothing, I know nothing!;” or, more commonly as the series went on, simply “I see nothing–NOTHING!” (of course, pronounced as nnah think, nnah THINK).

REALITY, present: Search Breitbart

Well of course in this scenario it is WE who have to ignore the blatant facts, while it is Hillary who relies on her shop-worn decades-long tactic of not knowing, not remembering anything that might incriminate her in the eyes of a jury of our peers. (Her peers have long given her a pass; her “gender identity” trumps everything.)

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This tactic works so well, it’d been taught to her minions:

189 Times In 7 Hours: Cheryl Mills Did Not Know or Did Not Recall almost everything about Hillary e-mail scandal

One would think that a poor memory like that would be reason enough to doubt her suitability for a job as demanding a President of the US, but of course that is just a sexist remark, isn’t it? I wonder whether Queen Elizabeth I., British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher or Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir (to cite a few women worthy of being held up as role models) ever suffered from a conveniently selective memory as our Hillary has, for decades.