Hillary Rodham Clinton’s four decades of professional misdeeds, scandals and crimes are well documented throughout the internet. Given that history, WHY would ANYBODY like HER to be the next PRESIDENT?!?!? I can think of two reasons.

1. Ideology.

Quite obviously, as far as her supporters are concerned, ideology trumps everything — ideology trumps character, ideology trumps history, ideology trumps job performance, ideology trumps achievements or the lack thereof. The only thing that counts is ideological purity, policy, intentions, and the like. The means do not matter, the ends do. The end justifies the means, whatever the means are or need to be.

What is outrageous, of course, is that the end that she and her ilk are proposing have been demonstrated throughout history to be utter failures and lead to nothing but ruin; but it does not matter, it sounds good. Bread and circuses did not save Rome. Communism failed the Soviet Union. And socialism is failing Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, … It does not matter. 0bamacare is a failure; but it does not matter, because it was INTENDED to fail so it would lead to 100% socialized medicine — the Hillarycare of 1993. And so on and on, on issue after issue. Utter chaos and destruction in the name of “social justice.”

For this crowd, ideology trumps everything. They even forgive HER for handling the “bimbo eruptions” by engaging in a campaign of personal destruction of the women who accused her husband of crimes up to and including RAPE. Yupp, that’s how a real feminist “stands by her man…” And that’s how real feminists stand up for their principles.

2. Power.

The mere fact that, after all this, Hillary still managed to wrangle a major party’s nomination to be their presidential candidate speaks volumes for her ability to exercise POWER. She controls her Party. She controls the news media. She controls the entertainment media. She controls the administration. She controls academia. She controls Silicon Valley and Wall Street. She controls foreign donors and foreign government officials. Her control extends even into sports. After all, what’s the fun in having power if you don’t use it? And the more blatant that (mis)use of power is, the more deeply a certain class of people are impressed. Why, she has destroyed entire countries — Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, even Egypt, almost; reversing all the gains of the previous administration. When scandal after scandal — oh, sorry, the “vast right-wing conspiracy” — hit the Clinton administration, his famous retort was, “prove it, sucker!” Now, in 2016 she is likewise defiant about the FBI’s investigations (five at last count) into her mishandling of top-secret e-mails and her family foundation’s pay-for-play influence peddling schemes — actual violations of LAW for which OTHER people have gone to JAIL. But in THIS world according to 0bama and Hillary, we have one law for HER and another law for the rest of us.


What’s NOT to be impressed by? She proved to be a very good student of Plato’s Republic, Macchiavelli’s The Prince, Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, and Cloward & Piven’s Strategy (no, not “to end poverty” but to overwhelm and collapse the system). Of course SHE is presidential material.

But what if we had a choice, a candidate who DID learn something, anything, from Washington, Jefferson, Madison, … and Reagan? Ya teenk that might be a better choice? Guess what? In 2016 we DO have that choice, and he also just happens to be the pet peeve of all the #NeverTrump RINOs and other so-called conservatives and so-called intellectuals. Is this a great country, or what? It WAS, and it CAN be great again.