When I started this collection of articles, I set two counters. One was “counterrevolution day, November 4, 2014,” when we just HAD to do something, anything, to counter the disaster in 2008 when this once great country went insane again and RE-ELECTED the one and only openly subversive “president” we have ever had. The other counter was “sanity restoration day, November 8, 2016,” when we finally replace that disaster of a “president” with someone else. Who could have foreseen that the choice could be an even bigger disaster, in the person of one Hillary Rodham Clinton….

The counter has run out as I write this, the wife and I and the kids have voted, and I don’t know yet who won. Absolutely terrified to find out. If we have truly gone insane and SHE is the next “president,” we are doomed. I will certainly not see the day when this country returns to its constitutional conservative roots. My two sons and my one grandson (so far) will never know the greatness that this country was when I was younger, not unless there is a true revolution, in both thought and action, that restores to them what used to be our sacred heritage. Either way, the next four years will be times of great upheaval. Predictions range from nuclear war under Hillary, to civil war within the GOP whether The Donald wins or loses — the Chinese curse of “may you live in interesting times.”

So, as a fitting epitaph to my expressions of dissent that grew to 199 articles since 2012, here is number 200, a collection of quips and jibes from 2004 to 2008, when this nightmare started. I wrote some more articles in 2008-2012, and maybe someday I’ll find a way to “pre-post” them. But in the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy these oldies but baddies.

2004 Campaign Song — Kerry and the New Democrats

We are a band of brothers,
And racists to the core.
We masquerade as liberals
And lie like Michael Moore.

We feed you propaganda,
And poison all your schools.
We know you all will vote for us –
You’re nothing but damn fools.

Unite! Unite!
Fools of the world, unite!
Unite under the bloody red flag
That bears the commie star.

Bumper stickers, 2006

I am not paranoid; everybody *is* out to get me.

Grandstanding is not “honorable” service

Treason is not “honorable” service

Treason is not dissent

Marxism by any other name is still a recipe for terror and slavery

Marxism is not a “family value”

Marxism is intolerant of intellectual diversity

The mainstream news media is … neither

Marxism is an ideology of slavery

Hypocrisy is the first requirement to be a Democrat

JF Kerry *IS* a war hero — to the North Vietnamese…
So is the other JF, Jane Fonda

Kerry Edwards to the john — and flush them both

Johns should be flushed, not elected

True liberalism promotes freedom, not Marxism

The Founding Fathers were Liberals — Marxists are just terrorists and tyrants

Patriots do not march under the enemy’s flag — traitors do

Patriots do not march under a foreign flag — invaders do

Democrats hate Bush because he had the gall to destroy Iraq’s neo-Marxist tyranny

Bumper stickers and other comments, 2008

1776 – 2008

Obama? Oh bummer!

Reagan: Democracy is when two wolves and a sheep vote on what to do about dinner.

Yes, democrats care about the little guy.
They care about what lies it takes to get the little guy to vote for them, that’s all.
Not that they actually want to do anything for the little guy,
If they did, and if what they propose would, by some fluke, actually work,
there would be no reason for the little guy to vote for them anymore.
Democrats care about the little guy?
….Who is stupid enough to believe that?

Country Club Republicans — not a choice but an echo

Country Club Republican answer to creeping socialism: Me Too, Just Slower.

I am stupid and I vote (Democrat…ic…)

You do not have the right to be stupid.

Stupid people vote for stupid candidates and stupid policies.
Then we ALL pay for their stupidity.

The Governator finally got something right: being a Democrat IS a disease.

YOUR stupidity makes US poorer.

Free enterprise — tried it yet?

in vino, veritas
from beer, blubber ass

Obama nation is an abomination

Nobama in 2008

No third term for Billary

McCain’t it, neither

With phony “Republicans” like McCain, who needs Democrats? who needs Republicans?

NO ‘bama in 2008
No on tax relief
No on drilling for oil
No on War on Terrorists
No on stopping ethanol subsidies
No on lower food prices
No on …
No forever no on everything that makes the least bit of sense.

Hillary for VP?
So the feminists declare that the proper place for a woman is…
once again,
under a man…!

Bo Snerdley: “Barack Obama is the first Black Clinton.”

Goldwater — a choice, not an echo.
McCain — an echo, not a choice.

Cindy for First Lady
(Bunnies of the world, arise!)

Hope and Change?
Hope for WHAT?
Change to WHAT?

“Change we can believe in”?
Don’t insult me with “change.”
Give me large bills, not change.
Give me checks with lots of zeroes.
Better yet, give me gold.
Better yet, give me freedom to make my own way

If HE gets elected, I HOPE I’ll have some CHANGE left in my pocket…

The AUDACITY of his HOPE is the expectation that, after 12 years of brainwashing in public schools, four more years in public colleges, and a lifetime of distraction and mis- and dis-information in the “news” media, the voting public would simply be too stupid to recognize his “new” ideas as the same old, tired, tried-and-failed marxist class envy and class warfare claptrap that has been the mainstay of Democrat propaganda for a hundred years.

Barack Obama
B. O.
That says it all (pee-yooo…)

Green is the new Red. The goal is the same, only the means are different.

Gr☮☮n is the new R☭d

When I proudly became a US citizen,
When I proudly wore my US Army uniform,
I swore allegiance to the United States of America,
not to Los Estados Unidos de América

America is home to peoples from every corner of the world.  And we had large and alarming waves of immigration from time to time. But no Irishman, German, Pole, Italian, Eastern European or Jew ever came here with the intention of conquering or reconquering our lands on behalf of their fatherland; Mexicans do. None of them demanded that we change our culture and laws to accommodate theirs; the Mexicans and Arabs do. No Catholic, Protestant or Jew ever came here to impose their religion on everybody else by brutal medieval cruelty; the Muslims do.

The Constitution is not a suicide pact

To HELL with bilingualism and biculturalism
To HELL with Para servicio en espagnol, emprime el nomero dos
To HELL with multilingual labels
To HELL with multilingual ballots
A house divided cannot stand

The god of the Jews expects the best out of you.
The god of the Christians forgives everything.
The god of the Muslims commands jihad and promises peace only if you submit without question.
You choose.

The Romans divided the world into Romans and barbarians.
The Jews divided the world into Jews and Gentiles.
We divide our country into us and illegal “immigrants.”
A house divided cannot stand

Profit is evil.
Profit makes it possible to hire people and give them a paycheck.
Paychecks lead directly to conspicuous consumption.
Profit lets people pay taxes.
Taxes lead to big government, with all the attendant and consequent evils — the welfare state, war mongering, domestic spying, political correctness, over-regulation, global warming, lousy schools, lousy traffic, lousy movies, etc.
Yes, profit is evil.
Let no one make a profit.
Let’s all be slaves.

McCain will lose, and lose big. Why? If the choice is between a phony Democrat and a real Democrat, there is no reason to vote for the phony one.


June 19, 2008. Steny Heuer and other Democrats have called for the government to take over refineries, in order to control the supply of gasoline and oil. Thus today the Democrats have confirmed the marxist communist roots of their political, economical, social philosophy. Please don’t ask anymore whether it is fair to question the patriotism of Democrats. Patriotic Americans do not espouse a philosophy diametrically opposed to all the ideals — individual freedom and free enterprise — that are the foundation of our Republic. Patriotic Americans understand the foundation and meaning of liberty, and stand resolutely, firmly in opposition to all collectivist, totalitarian notions of “change” or “reform.”

September 8, 2008. The government assumed guardianship over its wayward children Freddie and Fannie, and thereby pounded in another nail into the coffin of liberty and free enterprise in America.

Naming a square in Hollywood for Larry King is simply the over-due acknowledgment that he and his show have been dead for a long, long time now.

The word derives from “liberty.”
Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan were liberals.
Today’s “liberals” — from William Jennings Bryan, FD Roosevelt, JF Kennedy — were not, and now Clinton, Pelosi, 0bama are not, liberals in any sense. They derive their philosophies, not from Aristotle, Adam Smith and Ayn Rand, but from Plato, Kant, William James, and most definitely from Karl Marx, none of whom can even remotely be accused of being champions of liberty, individual rights, and free enterprise. They seduce their victims with promises of social justice, with claims of being the champions of the downtrodden — much like Lenin, Stalin and Hitler, who couldn’t wait for their turn to be the worst downtrodders yet, .

Bile-Core Bore
(name of infamous Hollywood propagandist, Michael Moore, when you have a bad cold)

Gnome Chumpski
(no explanation needed)


Hey, Dodgers! Who the hell is Un-Hell Borrow Ah? (borrow a what?)

Hey KABC radio, who the hell is Captain Whore Hay?

I declare my revulsion
at the flag
of the United Nations of “Terra”
and to the lunacy
for which it stands
one PC world, under Marx, endlessly divisible
with repression and injustice for all