In the year 2016 when the mice roared all over the USA, Clark County (that  is, Las Vegas) bucked the trend and imposed its will on the 17 counties of Nevada. With 3 times the population of the rest of the state, Clark County replaced its favorite son and notorious weasel in the US Senate with his hand-picked successor, and swept his cronies to an unprecedented majority in the state Assembly. This is a textbook example of direct democracy based on the popular vote. The rural counties, with their widely diverse interests and concerns that are totally incomprehensible to city folk, simply don’t matter.

And it now looks like Las Vegas city folk don’t matter either. Evidence is piling up to show that Las Vegas is home to massive voter fraud, in numbers larger than the margin of victory for Hillary over Trump, for the new US Senatrix (D) over the congressman (R) who gave up his seat to run for that Senate seat, and for the congresswoman (D) who replaced him in the House ( And of course the new state Senate leadership (D) promises that voter ID is once again DOA in the upcoming session of the Legislature ( Of course. Why tamper with success?

There lies a lesson for all those who object to the Electoral College. Were we not to have it in the Constitution, just a few of our large cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and some others, with their machine politics, paid “volunteers” and “spontaneous” protestors, and monolithically, monotonously uniform views and opinions, would impose their choice on the rest of the country, a nation of 330 million people.
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(Caption: Barack Hussein 0bama, the first openly anti-American president of the United States)

The Founders were men of ideas and ideals. They understood that freedom thrives only if the body politic allows for a fair hearing and open discussion of the widest possible range of ideas — and that it is not possible to achieve this ideal in a direct democracy. Being well learned in history, they knew that direct democracy is nothing but the dictatorship of the majority, where decisions are made not based on reason but on self interest, petulance, arrogance, back room deals, mockery of due process, and the blind exercise of raw power — and that it always degenerates into tyranny. Seeking to prevent that, the Founders tried to make sure that majority rule does not trample minority rights. Therefore the Constitution that they wrote includes specifically enumerated powers, the Electoral College, and the Bill of Rights — to form not one monolithic country but a union of sovereign States with equal powers regardless of geographic or popular size. Thus each State has two Senators to represent it in Congress. It is in the House where representation is proportional to the population. In the Electoral College the “size” of each State is the total number of its delegation in Congress, thus preserving the voice of the small States (two senators and at least one congressman) but also giving the larger States a greater weight in accordance with their larger populations.

And so it happens that sometimes a candidate wins in the Electoral College without winning the largest number of popular votes nationwide. In 2000 the result was to step away from a candidate representing an uncompromising monolithic ideology, in favor of a candidate open to the diversity of ideas among the people. After eight years of this president drifting farther and farther in the wrong direction under the banner of “compassionate conservatism,” plus eight more years of autocratic rule by another president acting under the banner of “fundamental transformation” in accordance with an uncompromising, monolithic, specifically and intentionally anti-American, deliberately destructive ideology grounded in deep, visceral hatred for our Constitution, our founding principles and our core values, in 2016 the mice roared and the eagle soared: the small States and the rural counties of the large States staged a peaceful rebellion that was possible only because of the wisdom of the Founders who gave us the Electoral College, and they pulled the nation a step back from the precipice, yet again.

(Caption: Donald J. Trump, the 44th American President of the United States)