First, the background. “None dare call it treason” is a title from the Cold War.

None Dare Call It Treason –

Interesting article from The Daily Caller : Vietnamese Communist Leader Says US Anti-War Activists Helped Their Victory

None Dare Call It Treason – 50 Years Later – The Vision of John A. Stormer | The Constitution Party

None Dare Call It Treason 50 Years Later

Pinko lunacy: None Dare Call it Treason –
Trump hasn’t taken office yet — and already they accuse HIM.

But what are the FACTS, Ma’am? 

Remember, in 2008 he promised “fundamental transformation,” but nobody asked FROM what, TO what, and WHY. We soon found out…

In a rational age the man who pretended to be a US President for 8 years would have been impeached for and upon the completion of:

  • His first apology tour, and subsequent apology tours. (No, the “Russian Reset” does not count; it was just stupid.)
  • His interference in Egypt, Libya, Syria,… in the name of “Arab Spring,” the excuse whereby he sought to (and did) topple pro-western governments in favor of unspeakably barbaric jihadist hordes
  • His attempted subversion of the elections in Israel, and open hostility for and contemptuous treatment of Netanyahu
  • His betrayal of the pro-democracy revolt in Iran
  • His abandonment of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • His enabling of ISIS
  • His release of Gitmo prisoners
  • His flooding the “red” states with hostile “migrants” who are turning into “home-grown” terrorists here and abroad Bill Warner, PhD: Hijra, Islamic Migration
  • His continuing treason with Iran — the nuke deal, couple of billions in ransom, couple of hundred billions in other payments,… by direct shipment of cash and gold as well as transfers in violation of US and international sanctions
  • His decimation of our military and nuclear deterrent
  • His letting the Chinese take over the South China Sea
  • His doubling of the national debt (incurred from 1789 to 2008) to 20 trillion in just 8 years
  • His take-over of the auto industry (Chrysler, GM)
  • His take-over of the insurance industry (AIG)
  • His take-over of the bank and finance industry (“bail-outs,” Dodd-Frank, etc.)
  • His take-over of the college tuition loan industry
  • His take-over of the education industry — Common Core
  • His destruction of standards and curricula —, Taxpayer-Funded Universities Are Forcing Social Justice Indoctrination On EVERY STUDENT
  • His take-over of the health insurance industry — 0bamacare
  • His war on coal
  • HIs man-made global warming / climate change hoax  Federal Lab Refuses To Reveal Who Manipulated Environmental Data For Two Decades
  • His disastrous “trade deals” as in TPP
  • His lack of interest in “domestic” islamist terrorism
  • His war on cops
  • His deliberate polarization along racial lines
  • His alliance with a blatantly racist BLM
  • His blind eye / encouragement of voter fraud —
  • His unprecedented politization of the Dept. of Justice, the FBI, the intelligence services, the EPA, the IRS,…
  • His total silence on the gang wars and carnage in Chicago
  • His disrespect for the rule of law, picking and choosing which to enforce, which to ignore, and which to modify by imperial edict and endless streams of regulations
  • His disrespect for the Constitution, and deciding to rule by the pen and by the phone
  • His disrespect for the Bill of Rights by casting every issue in “politically correct” terms
  • Did I leave anything out? Yes.

There was a FLOOD of more and more outrageous imperial edicts in the waning days of his occupancy of the office. Just to illustrate that the time to say goodbye couldn’t and didn’t come too soon, consider this:

What is that, if not treason, all by itself? But there is more.

And on his very last day, one last act of treason, one last stab at our most faithful ally:

And I am sure I still forgot many more.

No, these are NOT mere political, philosophical or policy differences. All of these are deliberate premeditated acts of subversion which you would NOT expect from an AMERICAN president, but which are in full accord with his roots as the son of a Kenyan muslim radical; with his childhood, raised by muslims and communists; with his work experience as a community agitator; and of course with his campaign promise of “fundamental transformation,” fully consistent with Saul Alinsky and Cloward & Piven.

Just to be clear, under Article 2, Section 4 of the Constitution of the United States, each one of these counts is an impeachable offense by itself, let alone in toto, simply because each one is either treason, high crime or misdemeanor, as well as a violation of the Oath of Office by which he swore on Lincoln’s Bible to support and defend the Constitution of the United States.

But the biggest and longest-lasting damage is that there was no one in the federal civil service to stand up and say, Mr. President, as a condition of my employment I too swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America, I too swore to obey lawful orders — but Mr. President, your orders are NOT lawful and I shall NOT obey them. THAT is the greatest tragedy of the past 8 years.


Irony of ironies….

And, far from fading away into blissful retirement (on OUR dime…)