TO:        The Donald

FROM:     A proud but increasingly alarmed member of the irredeemable deplorables

DATE:    2017 March 22

RE:         Stories about bullying the freedom caucus because of their opposition to 0bamacare 2.0 / RyanCare / RINOcare / TrumpCare / “repeal”

from the Drudge Report
and others across the full spectrum of the media on March 21.

Mr. President, are you listening? We did NOT vote for THIS.

You promised FULL repeal. NOT repair.

You should not be lecturing conservatives. You should be lecturing RINOs, and demanding immediate repeal of every word in that 2700 page monster plus the tens of thousands of pages of regulations resulting from it — not threatening your ALLIES if they don’t go along with RINOcare.

Let’s get past all the BS:

  • There WAS health care and health insurance BEFORE 0bamacare.
  • People did NOT die on the streets en masse for lack of health care.
  • The purpose of 0bamacare was NOT to provide insurance and care to the uninsured. They always had and still do have Medicaid. The purpose of 0bamacare was the destruction of private insurance and private health care, in order to pave the way for government-run universal socialized medicine as the only possible remaining option.
  • Repeal of 0bamacare is as simple as going back to the way it was then.
  • Repeal of 0bamacare is as simple as going back to the early 1970s, before the government was growing its Medicare tentacles into ALL private health insurance and medical practice, back when BlueCross / BlueShield operated on 3% margin, and 97% of their health insurance premiums went to the PROVIDERS, not to the government and corporate bureaucrats administering a bloated, top-heavy rip-off of the taxpayers.

Replacement of 0bamacare can’t be a “three step process.” We’ll never get to steps 2 and 3; both require 60 votes in the Senate because of its idiotic rules. All this BS only proves that, like 0bamacare, the “repeal” is also DESIGNED TO FAIL. Both are designed to lead people by the nose to the “inevitable” conclusion that health care is a universal right, and therefore it must be yet another untouchable entitlement, yet another crony capitalist boondoggle of a bloated government program that enslaves doctors and patients alike, but requires an expensive new army of paper pushers both public and private to administer it.

Ever wonder why 0mabacare premiums, deductibles and co-pays have been skyrocketing since Day 1? Where is all that money going? Not to providers; their reimbursements  have been and are being cut back relentlessly, doctors are being driven out of business. Why is no one asking and looking into it?

I’d like to ask the related question; if health insurance is a universal human right, then why not auto insurance, home insurance, etc.? If health CARE is a universal human right, then why not food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation, communication, vacations, etc.? All provided “free” by the government, of course… They’ve tried that in the USSR and we’e seen how well that turned out; why not here too?

The conclusion on 0bamacare s inevitable:

  • There’s no choice but Step 1 = full repeal. Period.
  • Steps 2 and 3 are not needed.
  • Let the free market decide on “replace.”
  • That’s what we do in an America devoted to its roots in freedom and free market, not to crony capitalism, fascism or socialism.

One more thing. Where in the Constitution does it say that the federal government is authorized to DESIGN and RUN a seventh or sixth of the nation’s economy? IT DOES NOT. It is not the government’s job to do that. That’s up to the free market.