There is an old saying, that the first casualty in war is the truth. For reasons that should be obvious, neither side has any incentive to tell the truth, and every incentive not to. Not to the public, not to friends and allies, and certainly not to the enemy.

This saying is no truer than today (May 4), when the House passed the bill to repeal and replace 0bamacare.

See, right there is LIE #1.

The bill, formally known as HR 1628, does NOT “repeal and replace” 0bamacare. Read the “text,”

HR 1628 only MODIFIES the ACA (0bamacare) by making specific line by line changes in its text.

So now, in order to understand what the hell they are doing, you have to find the full text of the original bill, along with all the regulations that were issued over the past 6-8 years to implement it.

Or, you can look for a shortcut — maybe there are people already doing this? You Betcha.

The problem is, there are as many versions of the side by side comparisons of ACA and AHCA (attention: that is your Google search term), as there are people doing it. It does not help at all that all the hits returned by Google are from left-wing “news” organizations that have an obvious pro-0bama(care) bias.….0%E2%80%A61ac.2.34.heirloom-hp..1.0.0.kim44x1m-wI%23spf=1&spf=1

And here is LIE #2,

or at least a serious omission. There is NO published version of HR 1628 as it was passed today by the House; only the original March draft that was heavily amended right up to May 3 or 4.

So what’s a poor slob to do, assuming he still cares?

Let me suggest the following:


The text of a bill to REPEAL a previously enacted bill would simply read as follows:

•    Bill no. XXXX, passed in the year XXXX AD and enacted as Public Law PL XX-XXXX, USC XX-XXXX, and all regulations derived therefrom, are hereby repealed.

Guess what? There really was such a bill introduced earlier this year.
Alabama congressman files one-sentence bill to repeal ObamaCare | Fox News
“Effective as of Dec. 31, 2017, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed, and the provisions of law amended or repealed by such Act are restored or revived as if such Act had not been enacted.”


The text of a bill to regulate the health insurance industry across the 50 States, consistent with our founding values of individual liberty and free enterprise, would read something like this:

•    Under the power to regulate interstate commence expressly assigned to Congress in Article 1, Section 8 of the US Constitution, originally intended to prevent trade barriers between the States (as explained in Federalist No. 22, 23), Congress hereby resolves as follows:

•    States are hereby prohibited from imposing restrictions on health insurance companies that would prevent them from operating across state lines. A free market for health insurance shall exist across all States of the Union. The citizens of all States shall have the opportunity to buy health insurance from any issuer they choose.

•    States are hereby prohibited from imposing restrictions on specific terms and provisions of health insurance policies that would include or exclude certain health care measures from being covered. The citizens of all States shall have the freedom to buy the coverage they deem necessary for their own well being.

•    States are hereby required to implement provisions under which their citizens are able to make voluntary or mandatory tax-free contributions into an Individual Health Savings Account under their their own name, out of which they shall pay their own health insurance premiums, deductibles, copays and any other out-of-pocket expenses specifically related to their physical and mental health, without caps or limitations on the amount being contributed.

•    States are hereby permitted to set up their own programs to assist the indigent with making contributions into their own Individual Health Savings Accounts. Beneficiaries of such a program shall not be prevented from choosing their own health insurance or health care provider.

•    States are hereby required to let employers make “matching contributions” into such accounts. The employees shall have immediate fully vested ownership of such matching contributions.

•    The IRS code is hereby modified to treat all such contributions into an Individual Health Savings Account as fully deductible for income tax purposes.

•    Individuals shall be permitted to build up the balance in their Individual Health Savings Accounts without limitation. Any such balance shall be excluded from estimates of a decedent’s estate for inheritance tax purposes or for any other lawful purpose — individuals shall not be penalized for being either too sickly or too healthy.

Health insurance is not a “right,” any more than air, water, food, shelter or a job are “rights.” They are needs, necessities to live, which each of us pursues as best we can, according to our own means, choices, decisions and judgement. If health insurance is a right, then why not auto, home, life, and every other kind of insurance, too? Where does it stop? If health care is a right, then why not water, food, shelter and a job, too? Where does it stop? There is only air left, and that’s only because government hasn’t yet figured out how to control its supply.

With the use of privately owned Individual Health Savings Accounts, people have a proprietary interest in shopping around and making the best possible decisions. As explained by better informed and deeper thinkers than I am, from Adam Smith to the several stellar exponents of the Austrian and Chicago schools of economics, it is the free market, not government interference and bureaucracy, that provide the best possible choices.

The abomination known as the AHCA faces certain “death” in the Senate. Let us pray that Senators who will be rewriting it will be those, such as Rand Paul, who do have an understanding of the Constitution, economics and the free market, rather than “conservatives” such as

or even Charles Krauthammer, who has just resigned himself to the march toward government-run universal health care (Krauthammer’s take: The challenges ahead for GOP health bill | Fox News Video)

“Health care is not a commodity, not anymore… The ground has shifted; the government has an obligation to provide coverage.”

Good grief….

NO GOVERNMENT HAS NEVER PROVIDED ANYTHING, AND NO GOVERNMENT WILL NEVER PROVIDE ANYTHING. The only thing government can do it take money from some people, and give it to others to provide whatever the government thinks they should provide, to whomever the government thinks they should provide it.