May 17, 2017 may well go down in history as the day when the “deep state” establishment won, and the people lost. The election on Nov. 8, 2016 never happened. It’s results are canceled. Trump might as well pack and go home. All it took was one weak-knee’d appointee caving in to the Trumpophobic hysteria of the Dems and RINOs, and appointing a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s “collusion with the Russians” to prevent Hillary from winning the election.


To understand how a special prosecutor can sink an administration, see
Special Prosecutor For Trump/Russia Investigation Is A Disaster

The “Republican” leadership has already slow-walked, ignored and outright obstructed the Trump agenda. Now they have the excuse to do nothing; nothing but the Democrats’ bidding, as usual.

The special prosecutor hasn’t even started his thankless task, and already the attack on Trump is being redirected onto Vice President Pence. His “crime” is that he did nothing even after Flynn “lied” to him. It is now a crime to speak to Russians even if it is part of your job (Flynn), it is a crime to forget to mention it (Flynn), and it is a crime not to punish the failure to mention it (Pence).

Gee, if they manage to get rid of both the President and the Vice President, then who is next in line? Oh,… it’s none other than… the Speaker of the House. The attack on Pence might be even more dangerous, because RINOs would find it easy to jump on that bandwagon. Can you just imagine,… “President Ryan”?

And don’t forget, certain parts of this crowd actually believe that if you overturn the result of the presidential election, either by impeachment or by invoking the 25th amendment (declaring Trump to be mentally incompetent), then the replacement would be the loser of that election. “President Hillary”? We are being entertained by a theater of the absurd.


To understand how there is nothing to all this, see a very good summary in

Nearly a year of investigation turned up nothing. On the other hand,
(1) a DNC staffer was shown to have sent 44,053 documents to Wikileaks,
(2) this DNC staffer was murdered in a “robbery” in which nothing was taken, and
(3) the police were told to stand down, not to investigate.

There was no “revelation of classified intelligence to the Russians” — according to people actually participating in the meeting with the Russian foreign minister and the ambassador, NO classified intelligence was mentioned. It was the media who claimed we “know” the city where the exploding laptop conspiracy was being hatched. One would think that ISIS would already know that, since they are the ones doing it; and therefore the one security violation is the act of confirming to them that we know too, because that would send them searching for the leak and for an alternate site or an alternate scheme or both. But in fact the plot to rig laptops with explosives was hardly a secret to anybody, including the Russians, in light of the fact that (1) laptops were banned from flights from the Middle East to the US, back in March, and (2) this month the news was that the ban would be expanded to all flights to the US…

More importantly, the list of potential intelligence sources is very short; hopefully the CIA, possibly the Russians, certainly Mossad, possibly some friendly Arab countries, and can we dare to hope that leaks maybe come even from within ISIS itself. Surely if I can figure that out, so can the professionals on all sides of the conflict.

Oh, by the way, the DNC or John Podesta are NOT the US government; so whoever hacked into their computers did not engage in the same kind of acts as those who stole files from the NSA and the CIA recently. Hacking a political party is hardly an attack on “democracy” or on “democratic elections.” Surely there is a difference between “D” and “d” even if you believe, as they do, that only Democrats are entitled to rule.

All that does not matter. Ryan the Speaker said, “Trump is being paid by Putin”… Even some “Republicans” are calling for his impeachment — for a “crime” none can specify, let alone hope to prove. (Google it…)


To understand the monumental hypocrisy in all this, to see what a colossal example of mote-in-your-eye this is, see:

202. None STILL Can’t Call It Treason | Just The Facts, Ma’am


What could have been done differently? It’s very simple. The acting AG could have announced that
(1) he has consulted with the various entities presently engaged in their “Russian” investigations,
(2) reviewed the evidence they gathered so far,
(3) examined potential leads yet to be followed up, and,
having found NONE,
(4) decided that there is no reason to waste time and money on yet another investigation, a fifth entity, after the FBI, CIA, and the Senate and House committees; and therefore NO “special counsel” or “special prosecutor” will be appointed.

If indeed the acting AG deserves the accolades from “both sides of the isle” and from the various factions in the establishment, THIS would have greatly dampened at least the Republican enthusiasm for this witch hunt, and they might be induced to get back to work.


Rush Limbaugh today spend quite a long time proposing how Trump should be reacting to these attacks on his administration. Sadly, his monologue consisted mainly of the same old tired advice that has failed other besieged Presidents before, consisting essentially of trying to redirect attention from the scandals to the agenda in speeches directly to the people. It has happened before and it happen again; the media will simply refuse to give him airtime, saying that, having reviewed the advance draft of the speech, they find nothing newsworthy in it. Even if they do carry the speech or news conference, they will just keep asking, “Yes, but what about that 800 pound gorilla in the room? Did you conspire with Russia to hack Hillary? Did you share with them classified intelligence? Did to tell Comey to drop his investigations? “ They’ll ignore everything else.

No, what Trump should do instead is what Rush Limbaugh simply glossed over, in a throw-away line in his monologue: privately and publicly keep calling out the congressional Republicans in regular tweets and news conferences, and ask them,

“What are you doing to enact the agenda on which you and I have campaigned, the promises you and I made to the American people, the promises that got you and me elected, the promises that the American people expect you and me to keep?”

And then list all the items on the agenda, and one by one tell which ones have already been fulfilled and by whom (Trump by means of executive orders, cabinet members by means of revised regulations, or Congress through legislation), and which ones are still waiting to be acted on. Call them out by name if they are more caught up in the media circus than engaged in doing the job for which they were elected, and promise to recruit and support in the primaries challengers who pledge to fulfill their campaign pledges to “drain the swamp.”

What “swamp”? After a century of progressivism, there are now more than three branches of government. Formally we still have the three established by the Constitution — (1) Congress, (2) President, (3) Supreme Court — but for all practical purposes it looks like they are being complemented or supplemented or co-opted by
(4) the un-elected and totally arrogant executive bureaucracy that’s been populated by leftist Big Government enthusiasts since the New Deal,
(5) the media that is the propaganda arm of the Big Government establishment of Democrats and RINOs, and
(6) the K Street lobbyists for Chamber of Commerce, left-wing PACs and other globalists.
OK, for the sake of simplicity we could lump them into one, the “deep state.”

THIS is what Trump is up against.
THIS is what We The People have voted against in November 2016.