I was quite surprised by the reaction to my article 211. Yucca Mountain, and the failure of common sense.

Similarly outspoken friends wasted no time to

  • voice their approval,
  • point out Dean Heller is not a lawyer,
  • insist that anything about Yucca Mountain should be voted on by the people,
  • mention the dangers of ashes, coal trains and oil trains,
  • speculate on who should challenge Heller in the primary.

The resulting conversations by e-mail make for some illuminating additional reading on this topic. Also see the comments under no. 211. For the suggested text of the letter, see the PS at the bottom.

The quotations below are true. Only the names have been omitted to protect the innocent, or to save the guilty from embarrassment.

1. Praise

BINGO!!!!!!! I have been arguing this position since I started working on the YUCCA Project back in 1996! Reprocess it … and, by the way … it’s NOT WASTE, it’s UNSPENT NUCLEAR FUEL!!!!!

Yes. Reprocessing. Excellent.

Excellent article. I will share far and wide.

Great presentation of a sound POV.

Brilliant, Peter.  Thanks for sharing.  I think Heller can’t see the things about Yucca that he should is because he is blinded by the deluge of dollars thrown his way for his advocacy against the storage and reprocessing facility.  On the matter of safe transport of the material, they have been doing it for  30 or so years in indestructible containers. I hope you sent this to the President.

[peter] With respect to a letter to POTUS, please note that there is a draft being circulated (shown below; put it in your own words) and be sure to post it to the webmail pages of the White House, the Senate majority leader, the Speaker of the House, and the Secretary of Energy. Don’t bother with the Nevada delegation; they are on record of being 100% against anything nuclear in Nevada.


I totally agree with you. Not only does reprocessing make sense for the practical reasons you mentioned, it makes great financial sense for Nevada. 

[peter] Yes. I wonder what the “commerce tax” on 14 trillion $$$ amounts to. Maybe enough to cancel all other NV taxes, state and local? Or follow the example of Alaska and give each resident a share of the revenues, or the example of Finland and the suggestion by Facebook’s Zuckerberg and give every Nevadan a guaranteed minimum income?

2. Sarcasm

You poor sap. President Trump has done nothing to help the Russians. Further, anything Killary or other Demorats say in public is a lie.

3. Senator Heller is not a lawyer

Good one (like all of yours). I agree with you. Using Nevada is safer in the long run, and it means income for Nevadans. One correction: Dean Heller is not a lawyer.

[peter] Maybe I have difficulty distinguishing between Heller and Sandoval. Or maybe I read somewhere that Heller too was a lawyer. I forget. If I can think of a way to fix my text, I will but for now, with almost every official definitely a lawyer and unanimously opposed to Yucca Mountain, the overall point is still valid. I hope.

4. NYMBY, now and forever

Nuclear waste CANNOT be stored at Yucca Mountain without the consent of the people of the state of Nevada. Let’s put it on the ballot next year and see if a majority of Nevada voters wants to turn our state into the nation’s nuclear waste dump. I don’t want to hear how “safe” it is or how much money we can make by allowing the Feds to dump highly toxic radioactive waste on the Silver State. That reminds me. The Feds want to shove this stuff up our noses, or our rear ends, but we won’t roll over and let them do that to us. Put it on the ballot and let’s vote.

no nuclear waste without a vote of the people. This is a Nevada issue that should be decided by Nevadans, and NOT by Washington politicians and/ or nuclear energy industry lobbyists

[peter] I understand and I’d like to agree with you, but…

  • Since when did the Feds let us care what they do with federal lands?
  • If not here, then where? Which state is more empty, more occupied with military test ranges, etc.?
  • Why should all that money go to other states?
  • Why shouldn’t all that PARTIALLY SPENT fuel be recovered and resold at a profitable price? It’s environmentally safer than mining uranium.
  • On what basis would people vote on this issue, given the total refusal by our politicians and media to admit a sliver of reason, let alone scientific fact, enter the discussion?

Sorry Peter, but I’m adamant on Yucca Mountain. Nothing happens without a vote by the people who would be most affected by this decision — Nevada voters. I don’t want to talk about science or money: I want to talk about federal abuse of states’ rights. And the fact that more than 85% of our state is owned or controlled by the federal govt. is another topic for a future discussion.

[peter] And which way would you like the people to vote, assuming of course that we can or that anybody would care even if we did? Which way would you advise them to vote? THAT is when science and economics comes in. Which of the three choices would be on the ballot?

1. Do Yucca Mountain as proposed. (No.)
2. Vote with Heller and the rest of the ignoramuses. (No.)
3. Ship all “waste” to another safer location, such as the decommissioned base in Hawthorne, which has the required water, rail connection and security; and reprocess it for fun and profit. (YES.)

Surely the officialdom’s emotional judgement on this issue can’t and won’t stand in the way of common sense? Surely SOMEBODY will see the benefit of 14 trillion dollars coming into THIS state… why the hell not???

Well Peter, we’ll agree to disagree on this one.

[peter] What the hell? Where do we disagree? You want a vote, I’m not against that. Just asking what we’d be allowed to vote on by those who write and adjudicate the text of ballot propositions.

Suggested wording of ballot question: Do you want to turn Nevada into the nation’s nuclear waste dump?

[peter] Well, obviously the plan is not to run a well-managed repository and reprocessing operation, but to break open the caskets and spread the radioactive materials all over the landscape from CA to UT and from OR / ID to  AZ. Give a new meaning to chemtrails…

[peter] Look at the MAP. Which State in the nation is more EMPTY, then Nevada? What safer place is there to put ANYTHING potentially or actually hazardous, the farthest from any population, than Nevada? Which State could use the money more, than Nevada?

5. Politics

[peter] politics, noun, “poli” from the Greek for “many,” and tics, the insects that suck your blood. I suppose if you’re being sucked by only one tic, it would be called monotics?

I agree with you 100%.  Dean Heller does not have the welfare of the people he is supposed to represent; the man is controlled by the lobbyists.  I could go on forever about his representation; believe me as a veteran I know he does not do anything to help veterans; enough said.

Somewhere in here you mentioned he should be excused. Yes, we should have excused Heller years ago and gotten someone who isn’t tied at the hip to Reid. To state he is a Republican is absolutely wrong as among a long, long list of other indicators he still doesn’t support our Republican President Trump. He needs to go away as all he has ever done is line his pockets by stacking up retirement after retirement from his misguide liberal dealings.

[peter] So,… whom do you propose should challenge him in the primary?

Adam Laxalt, although a newbie, against Heller as he’s connected in Washington and got the Vegas vote for AG. Settelmeyer to replace the opportunist Amodei who is another one we should have excused long ago. I’m still thinking.

[peter] Sounds great to me, but I thought Laxalt wants to be Gov.

Schwartz for governor or maybe against Heller as he got the Vegas vote and he’s coming on Trumpesq to appeal to nonpartisan voters and other Trump voters. Too bad Knecht isn’t feeling well.

[peter] Yes, Dan sure is running for something… And Ron says he’s happy where he is, but I’d go for him in any job he wants.

6. End notes

Is this a great country, or what? EVERYTHING always reduces to politics…

For factual information, see




PS. Suggested letter to Trump and others.

No, I did not write this. That credit goes to friends. Very important — PUT IT IN YOUR OWN WORDS

President Donald Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave
Washington D.C.

Subject: Administration’s FY2018 Budget Request for Yucca Mountain

Dear President Trump:

As a long-time resident and citizen of Nevada, I am writing you to thank you for keeping your commitment to the American people and restoring confidence that our government will do the right thing by following the law and the science when it comes to Yucca Mountain.

For far too long our state elected officials in Nevada have played politics with the Yucca Mountain Project to the detriment of the citizens of Nevada as well as citizens in over 39 states that have stranded nuclear spent fuel and waste piling up without a long term permanent disposal solution. It is time to stop kicking the can down the road and do what is right.

As you certainly did during your successful campaign for the presidency, please ignore the polls and the political pundits in Nevada that will counsel you not to move forward with the Yucca Mountain project. Please know that we, the Nevada grassroots public, believe that the Yucca Mountain program is safe and will provide thousands of jobs for grassroots Nevadans as well as significant benefits through infrastructure development.

Many of us in Washoe and Churchill Counties have followed the pro-active Yucca educational mission of the US Nuclear Energy Foundation and support its mission to build Yucca Mountain.

We strongly support your budget request to restart Yucca Mountain that will bring jobs to Nevada, advance our technology educational base and will help make America great again.

(signature, address)