It’s no coincidence that the Democrats are hammering on “collusion” with the Russians. They are NOT out just to IMPEACH Trump and remove him from office. They are out to EXECUTE him. Yes, at least one Democrat had already admitted it (, another is getting unhinged (, and then there is always Maxine Waters (

This is how it goes.

After decades of Democrat collusion with the Soviet Union (*) and then Russia (**),
(1) NOW they declare Russia to be America’s greatest enemy and most dangerous existential threat;
(2) They assert that ANY contact is evidence “collusion” (let’s be generous, I’m sure they mean any contact outside of normal diplomatic channels);
(3) If so, then ANY “collision” with the enemy is TREASON;
(4) Treason is the most serious of the “high crimes and misdemeanors” that are the constitutional grounds for impeachment;
(5) Treason is a capital offense, and
(6) The punishment is DEATH.

Unfortunately for them, there are a couple of holes on this fever-driven delusion.

(1) The “collusion” with the Russians was supposed to have involved the 2016 presidential ELECTION, in the form of “dirt” on Hillary — NOT matters of NATIONAL SECURITY.

(2) The only “dirt” that WAS actually revealed (NOT by the Russians but by Wikileaks) was the tens of thousands of emails on the servers of the DNC.

(3) The DNC is NOT a US government agency; as a political party, it is a PRIVATE association.

(4) and THAT explains why the FBI and the CIA backed off when the DNC told them it does NOT want them to examine the servers for evidence of hacking. It is not a matter of NATIONAL SECURITY if a private association’s computers are hacked — and no classified information was revealed (***).

(5) It is not even clear if the information that was revealed was particularly embarrassing to Hillary or the Democrats. We’ve long known that the DNC rigged the game for Hillary and against Bernie.

(6) The revelation of information — truthful, factual information — in an election year is NOT an “attack” on “democracy.” The Democrat Party is NOT the same as “democracy,” and as their actions have shown their Party is not even “democratic.”

(7) Willingness to listen to “dirt” from any source is NOT “collusion” or “treason,” especially, as it turned out, the source had nothing to offer except allegations without proof that the Hillary campaign tried to get the Russians to help them, as they had earlier got help from the Ukranians. (This “dirt” was so impressive that the alleged “colluder” (Trump Jr.) walked out in disgust.)

The treason, if any — well, OK, just collusion — is between the sore loser Democrats, RINOs, NeverTrumpers from far left to far right, “deep state” leakers… and spineless cowardly “Republicans” who, even though they have the majority in Congress, can’t overcome their disloyalty to the people and the president who got them elected and reelected, and can’t or won’t put a stop to this insane medieval palace intrigue.


A few examples:

(*) FDR, Armand Hammer, the Rosenbergs, Alger Hiss, Ted Kennedy asking the Soviets for help against Reagan.

(**) Hillary’s “reset button,” her approval of selling US uranium reserves to Russia, her campaign’s collusion with the Russians and Ukrainians against Trump, while Bill is collecting $500K speaking fees from “private” Russian firms and Russian “donations” pour into the Clinton “foundation.”

(***) On the other hand, there was a lot of classified information on Hillary’s private server, and presently 0bama’s and her hold-over cronies in the “deep state” continue leaking classified information in their efforts to embarrass and discredit Trump.