The attached file, Bills we cared about.numbers.pdf, is a score card of the 79th (2017) session of the Nevada Legislature’s work on the bills. The bills in this list are only those on which Legislative Action Committee members had offered comments. I had published those comments on Passion & Reason (

Bills either failed during the legislative process (did not make it out of committee, or were not voted on by either chamber, or were voted down), or if they passed, then they were either signed or vetoed by the Governor.

I scored the results as follows:

Bills we supported and were signed = win
Bills we opposed and failed or were vetoed = win
Bills we opposed and were signed = lose
Bills we supported and failed or were vetoed = lose

Note the final score. For us this session was a loser, 69 to 56.

Worse than that, some very bad bills passed and some very good bills failed. I leave it up to you to decide for yourselves, but the topics range from the re-definition of marriage, scheming to preserve 0bamacare, showering more subsidies on “green” energy projects, and savaging our water rights.

Happy Reading!!! Hey, it’s only three pages.

Bills we cared about.numbers.pdf