You Are A Republican If… (see also 204. You Are A Republican If…)

…you say one thing on the campaign trail and do the opposite when elected

… you push some form, any form, of gun control

…you won’t protect CCW holders from unconstitutional gun laws

…you want to “control” wild horses by selling them to slaughter houses

…after eight decades of “Socialism? Me too, but slower” as the slogan and modus operandi of establishment “Republicans,” you change your tune to “Socialism? Me too, and FASTER”

The headline on this story is that these “moderate” “Republicans” want Congress,
not the free market, to design the nations health insurance industry.


…you spend four campaigns promising repeal, you win majorities in federal and state houses and senates, and when you also win the White House and the time has come to put up,… you just shut up:

…you pretend to repeal 0bamacare while just “fixing” it

…you think failing to fix 0bamacare would merely “upset” voters

…if you think 0bamacare should be fixed with the help of Democrats

…you think Planned Parenthood should be funded by the government

…you regularly confuse health INSURANCE with health CARE;
…if you think choosing not to buy health insurance is the same as being deprived of health care

I leafed through the original ACA (0bamacare) and the two latest attempts to “repeal” it.
You should do the same to see that when a bill consists of nothing but
“in line … of the ACA, change …this… to …that…”
then it is NOT a REPEAL, it’s a tinker and “fix.”
A repeal is
“The ACA is hereby repealed and all regulations issued by the Secretary of HHS under the authority of the ACA are null and void.”
THEN you let the free market provide private insurance to private individuals.
Just like home, auto, life, retirement, etc.

…you think the solution to illegal immigration is legalization

…you think the answer to off-shoring American jobs is importing more foreign labor

…you want the electric company to “go green,” not to generate more power and upgrade its equipment to handle the load as demand rises

…you want the government to be the state’s drug pusher.

…you confuse inflation with growth

…you think Bill Clinton is a “brother”

…you want the government to subsidize the development of electric vehicles

…you think “climate change” is a NATIONAL SECURITY issue

…you want to preserve 0bama’s Iran deal

…you think ESSA restored local control of education, and Trump’s Dept of Ed repealed Common Core