This is my place for rants and raves about the insanity that is modern 21st century politics. You’ll learn about me specifically from the personal facts I use to illustrate certain relevant details. But as a general outline, suffice it to say that I went to elementary school in communist Hungary, junior high in socialist France, high school in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, college in Pennsylvania. After teaching a short while in high school and college, I spent my working years in Silicon Valley while raising a family in San Francisco; now happy to be retired in Nevada, out of that insane asylum that California has become.

Let there be no mistake and misunderstanding about one fact:

I am an American. For a secular philosophical foundation and intellectual guidance I look to the Scottish Enlightenment, and for the political and legal foundations of the only possible, the only moral, form of government for a free people, I look to the US Constitution. Sorry, I see no difference between the United Nations, the world wide caliphate, the one global world government of a “kingdom of god,” or Bush 41’s or 0bama’s new world order. Any notion of a world order is anathema to and totally incompatible with liberty and inalienable individual rights, and by extension the right of a nation to set its own course in the world. I am an American; I am a free man; I bow my head to no one — not when I was 3, not when I was 30, and not if I should make to 103.

The title of this site is a tip of the hat to the fictional Sergeant Joe Friday of the LAPD, in the television series “Dragnet” which ran in the 1950s and 1960s. He had no time or stomach for the emotional rants from victims and witnesses; he wanted “just the facts, ma’am.” I chose this title to keep reminding myself, so I will keep this site focused. There are way too many sites out there, spewing one stupidly biased opinion after another. I do not refrain from giving my opinions, but I hope to dispense with “authorities” and “experts” and other such second-hand reinterpretations, and go to the original sources, to the original facts as best I can. My brother accuses me of trying to apply criminal courtroom standards to history, or even just to an opinion page. YOU BETCHA. I have no use for hear-say; it is not evidence. How else can one cut through the partisan rhetoric, the biased spin or even the “fair-and-balanced” fluff that are being passed off as “news”? In that regard, my readers can help me and help each other by pointing out the instances where I may be guilty of factual errors, but please keep in mind that we live in an era when “liberals” and conservatives not only differ in their opinions, they also differ in their taste for sources of information, and cannot even agree on FACTS, either. More and more the standard seems to be, if I don’t LIKE it, if I WISH it to be different, then it is NOT TRUE… This is the bullshit that I am trying to fight here. Paraphrasing another fictional character, from a silly movie, “facts are facts, Jack!”

You can use the “Categories” drop-down menu to select articles on a topic. Many articles are tagged with two or more topics. I still have to learn and devote time to tagging my postings with useful keywords.


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  1. Greetings,
    I would like to connect with you for a possible interview. I host an online show that also airs on a network across the nation. We’ve devoted a good deal of time to stopping the Common Core. Please contact me at the email below if you are interested. The interview would be live Wed. between 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. central on http://www.webcastonelive.com. Thank you, Tamara Scott

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