217. Rosh haShanah 5778

And so here we are, on the eve of another new year. 5778. May God have mercy on us and not make it a year of trial as severe and cruel as it could very well turn out to be.

The year 5777 just ending has been a critical one in the history of the US and the world. By the grace of God, last Fall we managed to take a step, even if just a step, back from the brink of the abyss, back from permanently sealing our fate by Clinton under the fundamental transformation started by 0bama eight years earlier. What were we thinking? Never before in our history have our Constitution and our founding values been so belittled, dismissed, besieged and assaulted as in those years. We have never before had a president so contemptuous, subversive and treasonous to the country of his own mother, working so obviously and so relentlessly against our national interests and for the interests of our most determined mortal enemies — and a presidential candidate who was eager to follow in his footsteps and complete his work. How thankful we must be every day, every hour, every minute that by the grace of God our founders had the wisdom to write a Constitution that prevents such disasters.

And so the year 5777 ends in the emotional atmosphere of an exorcism. The losers of last Fall’s election, like victims possessed by the demons being driven out by the exorcist, are throwing a screaming tantrum. They engage in “deep state” subversion. They pay mobs to engage in deliberate, brutal violence in the name of “social justice” and “resistance.” They are so unable to accept the results of an election and the peaceful transfer of power from one president and one Party to another, that now they are even calling for the reversal of the election results, for throwing out winner, and for installing the loser in his place. And nobody calls on these people to seek the psychiatric help they so desperately need.

We can only hope and pray that enough of us manage to stay in God’s good graces to keep this nation deserving of His protection. Surely we need His grace and protection in the coming year, more so than in most of our previous years. Evil, by whatever name you’d choose to call it, is on the march. Our enemies are both foreign and domestic, and increasingly bold. While some foreign enemies are promising death by nuclear holocaust, and others are pursuing conquest and enslavement by jihad, hijrah and reconquista, our domestic enemies are busy destroying our institutions, erasing our history, and installing the hi-tech tools of totalitarian surveillance and control that previous generations of dictators could only dream about. More so than in most times in our history, we need God’s grace to make sure our leaders and our people will have the judgement and wisdom to keep us on the right path and keep us safe from these enemies and their handiwork. God blessed us with a President who can think clearly, say things clearly, and say and do the things that need to be said and done. Let us pray that God will keep this President’s resolve unwavering in the face of the opposition that has lined up against him — against us — and give him the inspiration and wisdom to overcome that opposition.

Shanah Tovah / Happy New Year, everybody. Shalom aleichem.